Thursday, December 16, 2010

Havana Club Cocktail

Havana Club Cocktail

Another Embury recipe, this one gets a little more explanation than most. Embuy starts by saying:

The manufacturers of Havana Club, one of the finest Cuban rums, recommend the use of sweet vermouth instead of dry, thereby making the drink a Rum Manhattan. The recipe suggested by them, however, is much too sweet. Here is a modification:


1 part (3/4 oz)Italian Vermouth
3 parts (2 1/4 oz) Havana Club Gold Label Rum

Stir with large cubes of ice. Decorate with a cherry. This drink is improved by adding 1 dash of Angostura to each drink.

Even with the cherry and dash of bitters this cocktail is very dry, just as Embury preferred. 

It has quite a bite at first, but then mellows as you get further in. As it warmed, the crisp, nutty flavors of the rum become more pronounced taking on an almost rye-like quality, while maintaining the vanilla and tropical fruit flavors which are a perfect match for the Antica's sweet heady florals. 


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  2. Hello,

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