Saturday, December 11, 2010

Neuva Jersey

Nueva Jersey Cocktail

When I saw the "Jacko's End" from Mayahuel in the NYC Tasting Table's Best Cocktails 2010 artice, I thought the combination of mezcal and Laird's 100 proof straight apple brandy was a really good idea.

When I tried it though, I thought the Benedictine was overpowering and looked for a variation to focus more on the combination of base spirits.

After some experimenting, I decided that giving the mezcal/apple brandy combo the "old fashioned" treatment was my favorite way to really experience these flavors.

I love ango, but it didn't work here. The Fee's Whiskey Barrel Aged really a nice spice and worked best for me.

If you have it, the elixir vegetal really works well here too. It's unique herbal qualities really add a nice complexity.

Nueva Jersey Cocktail


1 oz Del Maguey Mezcal
1 oz Laird's 100 proof bonded straight apple brandy
1-2 tsp blue agave syrup (depending on desired sweetnes)
1 dash Fee's Whiskey Bitters
1 dash Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal (option, but excellent)


1) In an old fashioned glass, combine the agave syrup and bitters.

2) Add a few pieces of cracked ice and stir.


Cracking ice is fun!
3) Add Mezcal, apple brandy and a few more pieces of ice and stir again.

4) Optional garnish: lemon or orange twist. 

...or, you can put a 2" ice cube on top of the agave and bitters, add the spirits and stir, This leaves a nice layer of agave on the bottom as it just won't dissolve completely. When you've finished with the drink and the cube has melted down, it picks up the flavored agave syrup and makes an excellent treat to chew on.

...but chipped ice has it's own rewards too.

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