Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The "Demi Saz"

Here's a drink that was inspired by one served to me at the "Roomers" bar in Frankfurt Germany.

They may be in a hotel with a cheesy name but that staff knows their stuff. They had just won the BCB (Bar Convent Berlin) award for best allround bar staff and it was a well deserved award. If you find youself in any bar in the world and find 2 people there that really know their stuff chances are you're in a rare spot. Three people, must be a special night right? Here not only were there at least 4 on staff with knowledge and talent but the manager knows his stuff too!

The second night found me back again and their "star" bartender, that was nominated for Bartender of the Year at BCB, was greeting and taking coats once the evening VIP hours had begun, Teamwork and Humility. They all knew their stuff and no job was too small or large for any of them. I've not seen their equal anywhere else. (Late night the jiggers are set aside, the music pumps up and they all start free pouring!).

This was one of the more memorable concoctions of the evening. They went to the  El Dorado 15 often (they even had a speed pour on it for crying out loud!).

Here's their Sazarac inspired drink, or at least my best approximation.

"The Demi Saz"

The "Demi Saz"


2 oz El Dorado 15 rhum
1/4 oz Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal
1 tsp. Sugar Cane Syrup (Petite Canne)
2 dashes Angostura Bitters


Rinse glass with the 1/4 oz of Chartreuse Elixar Vegetal, add large cube and set aside.

In a seperate mixing glass, combine remaining ingredients and mix well.

Strain into glass.
Good to the last drop.
Take thin slice of lemon and squeeze oils over top of drink. Rub the rim of the glass and drop into drink.


(That's some clear ice!)

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